Upgraded Supercharger Pulley

Upgraded Supercharger Pulley

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If you're looking to add up to 21 BHP to your Gen1 MINI for minimal cost, look no further. Available in both 15% and 17% reductions, Alta has designed a two-piece supercharger pulley for the R53 MINI Cooper S variants which replaces the stock sized pulley and can yield considerable performance gains for a relatively low price. We strongly recommend the swap to a reduced supercharger pulley to all our S and JCW customers and find it gives the 'biggest bang for your buck' to those seeking extra horses on the dyno!  

The Alta Version 2 pulley features a stainless steel supercharger shaft coupler with a site for installation. The extremely light aluminium body decreases rotational mass giving increased throttle response. This will give you a 3 - 5 PSI increase in boost and a 15 - 21 BHP gain in power depending on pulley size. Another addition is the over sized belt retainers and grooved teeth, which help to increase belt grip.


15% Pulley - Will give you around a 15 - 17 increase in BHP. This size pulley produces safe and smooth power increases.

17% Pulley - Will give you around a 18 - 21 increase in BHP. This size pulley will produce more low-down boost as the supercharger spins faster from a lower RPM. It is advisable to pair a 17% Pulley with an Airtec upgraded intercooler, as heat can become an issue if used at high RPM for a long period. 

Why not compliment your supercharger pulley with a lightweight crank pulley for the ultimate charger setup? Details are available in our related products at the bottom of this page.

  • Easy to fit 2 piece design
  • 15 - 21 BHP gains
  • Ultra light body
  • Oversized belt retainer
Kit Fits:

All Cooper S / JCW / GP Models
All Cooper S / JCW Convertible Models